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Majime Cutting Board


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  • Image of Majime Cutting Board

Crafted with love to perfection.
End-Grain Walnut Cutting Boards are an heirloom product. They are as kind to your eyes as they are to your knives.

*these are made to order to ensure quality control. 3 week lead time*

Integrated character, embracing knots and live edges on occasion to form one of a kind designs.

Every board includes finger slots and are finished with FDA food grade mineral oil and white beeswax paste.

End Grain cutting boards help keep your knife's edge sharper longer between sharpening because the grain is in parallel with your edge. Other types of wooden cutting surfaces (Edge Grain or Face Grain) structurally run perpendicular, meaning your knife fights against the surface of the boards.

The proper way to store your board is to stand it up on its' edge, allowing the wood to breathe, helping it to regulate its relative humidity.

The best way to clean the board is to wipe it with a cloth or paper towel in between uses. When it needs a proper cleaning please wash it by hand with warm water and mild detergent. Please ensure you dry it fully and then stand it on its side for the next 24hrs, but feel free to use within those 24hrs.

Recommendation: Oil your board after deep cleanings and regularly once a week if you're heavy into food prep.

12 x 16 x 1 7/8

Please allow one week to ship