Welcome to Majime Knives!


Years ago I purchased a knife that I was truly impressed by its' craftsmanship. Curious on how it was made, I thought to myself if I was capable to create my own knife.

I pursued knife making as I felt that there was a large void of many people not knowing that handmade, heirloom knives can make a significant impact on the way we cook and prepare food for our friends and family. There is a sense of pride knowing that the knife you hold in your hand is the only one made.

After years of working in my shop and dabbling in the art of metallurgy, I was confident that I had a product that everyone would love. Every Majime knife is unique in its own way, not one is the same.

I'm truly excited to share with you a knife that you will love. All people who create food for the purpose and enjoyment, nourishment, and the intention of creating great meals are considered a Chef in their own way. These knives are made by chefs and are intended for chefs.

Please enjoy.