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Customer satisfaction is the most important thing to me and my customers have shared great reviews which has truly made me grateful and has pushed me to be better everyday as a knife maker. I did not disclose the names of these few reviewers for their privacy but wanted to share!

"Great seller! I've been cooking professionally for 10+ years and this knife is great. It's well balanced and very sharp. The handle is very comfortable and knife is lightweight. Also its gorgeous."

"Max is a true craftsman and was amazing to work with too. This knife is like nothing I’ve used. Light, strong, sharp and customised to my own preferences. Thanks Max. I recommend 100%"

"Quality, beautiful, and sharp. ENOUGH SAID. 5/5"

"Awesome knife couldn't be happier with it and Max the owner was awesome with communication offering advice on knife styles and offering handle options. He even gave me advice on sharpening products. Exceptional service"

"Exactly as pictured, it is razor sharp out of the box and performs just like you'd expect. Great guy, great product"

"Couldn’t be happier from product to responsiveness of maker. Just ordered my second knife from him and won’t be the last."

"This knife makes me a better, more intelligent and more handsome chef than I can remember being. It was delivered sharp, went very far out of his way to ensure I was as pleased as can be, and the quality and beauty cant really be talked up enough. "