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Fundraiser for KWB Knives


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  • Image of Fundraiser for KWB Knives
  • Image of Fundraiser for KWB Knives

Have the chance to win this Knife!
With a heavy heart, Korben from @KWBKnives and his family were in a horrible car accident last Christmas walking out with severe physical damage.
This Fundraiser is to help his GoFundMe(https://gofund.me/6e93dffb)

Once the fundraiser is closed, I will allocate all to his go fundme.

There are unlimited tickets, 10$ Each and will close by end of today 10PM Eastern Time

You may purchase more than one. The more amount donated will increase your chance of winning this knife.

By participating in this fundraiser, you understand that you will receive a thank you letter while also be automatically entered into getting the chance of a prize winning this Honyaki Gyuto

Once the fundraiser is closed, I will enter all participants in an auto picker and email the winner.

I will also keep everyone updated via email. Please subscribe if you are participating in this fundraiser so that I can update everyone at the same exact time every step of the way.

Unfortunately I can not show the picking due to the fact that it will expose someones email and that is their privacy. However I will share eon my social platform the winners instagram should they want to disclose. I do encourage the winner to share that they did win via social media so I may share!

I can not express my gratitude enough for those who will be participating.
It is humbling to have such support. Thank you again!

Steel Type : w2 Honyaki
Edge Length : 8" Compound and convex
Handle Material: African Blackwood and Mosaic Pin
Saya Included