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Hammerhead Nakiri Ajairu IV


  • Image of Hammerhead Nakiri Ajairu IV
  • Image of Hammerhead Nakiri Ajairu IV
  • Image of Hammerhead Nakiri Ajairu IV

With a new design of an ergonomic and contoured fit, the handling locks you in making this truly an extension of your hand.
The Ajairu IV is an optimal performer, incredibly thin in the right places to yield true performance.

I first started making Hammerhead Nakiris because of my deep appreciation to Nakiris in general. This can easily replace a gyuto as your daily driver.

Aided by technical grinds that makes the performance of this blade incredible with food release and ease of resistance.

Every Majime knife is meticulously made by hand with simple tools and impeccable
attention to detail. No knife is the same as they are intended to be unique to their

- Steel Type: Cumai Chevron 80 CRV2 Core, Cryogenically Treated
- Blade Dimensions: 8" long x 2” wide
- Grind Type: Convex and S Grind
- Handle : Red Lava Resin

High Carbon steel naturally oxidizes. It is favored amongst cook and professional chefs for its ease of sharpening and razor bone edge. After use, it will patina, call it your own culinary footprint in your blade. A simple wipe down is necessary after use. Apply mineral oil.

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